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Residence in West London

Regional Award Winner KDC 2013-14

Has there ever been a kitchen where the iconic Sub-Zero grille looks more at home?

The client wanted a strong industrial look for his West London kitchen, so it would work as a semi-commercial environment for professional chefs and household staff alike. While choosing Sub-Zero, Wolf y Cove appliances was a natural, due to their classic stainless steel look and high-performance capabilities, many of the other components of the kitchen required careful consideration and the coordinated effort of various trade professionals.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for designer Bennie Matharu was creating a unique and unusual design so far removed from a conventional kitchen style, then finding the appropriate materials to fulfill the vision (or having them made from scratch, as often turned out to be the case). The very high ceiling also presented a challenge, but contributed greatly to the desired industrial feel.

Distinctive architectural features abound. The large stainless steel ducts are striking, fully functional and draw attention to the skylight and tilework. Plastic panels covering the walls offer an unusual design feature that breaks away from the stainless steel surroundings, cladding the heavy bespoke extraction units and bringing airiness and lightness into the space. Tambour-style units are used on both lower and upper levels utilizing the ceiling height while offering much required storage, containing items that can be hidden from view yet easily accessed.

Naturally, Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator/freezers are ideal to enhance the industrial look, as are the robust and yet elegant Wolf ranges. (With black dials, in this case – this is one kitchen where the signature red might be too much.)

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen so different from the “warm gathering space” most of us crave, yet it is absolutely true to the client’s vision, and a stunning example of industrial design.


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