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Cuchillo para filetear y deshuesar de 7"

  • Anticipated availability October 2016. Podemos notificarle cuando está disponible para la su compra en este sitio.

7 inch boning knife
For meats, poultry, or fish, a boning knife is a must-have in the kitchen. The Wolf Gourmet boning knife has a long, slim blade to easily glide around bones or to remove silverskin, fat and cartilage.

Prep work is often considered a mundane chore. Slicing, dicing, and chopping – you know the drill. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just developing your skills, the right knife can make a world of difference. With a precision knife, you feel in absolute control, ready to take on any culinary challenge. Created by industry professionals, people who live, work, and dream cutlery, Wolf Gourmet knives meet exacting standards developed by professional chefs.  Dicing onions, julienning carrots, mincing garlic, hulling strawberries, slicing fresh baked bread, cutting a slice of delicate lemon chiffon cake - no matter the task, our cutlery is at the ready. Purchase as a set or create your own collection with individual pieces.

Razor-sharp edges
High-carbon stainless steel is precision forged in Germany and ground to a 12.5 degree cutting edge using advanced laser technology. This ensures a long-lasting razor-sharp edge for precise control. The 10 inch honing rod accommodates a wide variety of cutlery and will help you maintain the best edge possible.

Comfortable to use
Equally suitable for both professional and novice users, the highly stable handle rests securely in either your right or left hand. Spines and bolsters have been rounded for ultimate comfort. The blade shapes are designed to reduce fatigue, making your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Durable and dependable for years to come
The blades are heat treated and ice hardened to create a fine carbide microstructure that makes chipping, cracking, or breaking virtually impossible. Adding to the reliability is a full-tang design and riveted handles that will provide years of dependable service.

Create the perfect set for you
Start your cutlery collection with individual pieces or the 7-piece set. Set includes all the essential knives you need to create delicious meals: 8 inch chef’s knife, 6.5 inch santoku knife, 3 inch paring knife, 10 inch bread knife, shears, honing rod and hardwood storage block. Additional knives available for individual purchase include 5.5 inch utility knife, 7 inch boning/fillet knife, and 9 inch carving knife.

  • Anticipated availability October 2016. Podemos notificarle cuando está disponible para la su compra en este sitio.

    • Funciones
      • De acero inoxidable forjado con alto contenido de carbono
      • Filos afiladísimos
      • Cómodos mangos de madera de pakka
      • Para uso con la mano derecha o izquierda
      • Espiga completa
      • Lomo y cabezal redondos
      • Afilado a 12,5 ° por cada lado
      • Templado para una óptima dureza Rockwell C de 61
      • Fabricado en Alemania
      • Garantía limitada de por vida
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